For many years now there have been reports that The Beatles songs was finally going to be readily available in digital layout (MP3 specifically) so that their songs might be quickly included in iPods, Zunes, and various other mp3 players. With the release of The Beatles USB on December 8, 2009 it is feasible to buy The Beatles entire remastered stereo directory (all 13 workshop cds plus the Past Masters non-album tracks compilation) in the kind of this USB memory stick you can easily hold in your hand (and you rate for getting I Intend to Hold Your Hand stuck in your head!).

Digital Version of The Beatles Stereo Box Establish.

This USB stick is the electronic version of Beatles in Stereo Box Set. It consists of the very same remastered stereo blends (which audio definitely superior, incidentally.) It contains the exact same 13 mini-documentaries (one for each and every studio album.) It consists of the exact same extended liner notes, exclusive photos, and initial vinyl LP artwork.

High Quality 320kbps MP3 Files.

The mp3 data included in this memory stick of are the finest feasible (320kbps.) This makes them of better than the vast majority of mp3s available on ITunes & other electronic retailers. Most individuals cannot tell the difference in between 320kbps mp3s and CDs.

Audiophile Quality 24bit FLAC Documents.

What will excite severe Beatles fans regarding this leuke usb sticks is that it additionally includes 24bit FLAC documents which will certainly be the finest quality version of these remasters readily available (CDs are really just 16bit.) Although these are only 44.1 kHz FLAC, not 96kHz. (96kHz/24bit is what is generally consisted of above interpretation launches, The Beatles catalog has actually not yet been launched because style.).

Still, these 24bit FLAC documents have a greater audio top quality than CD.

Apple Theme.

This USB stick has an Apple theme. Some may assume by that I indicate Apple computers, however The Beatles really started their own business named Apple in 1968 which’s what the (environment-friendly, not red) apple design of the USB is referencing.

Restricted Edition.

Only 30,000 duplicates of this USB stick are being made.