Uber has agreed to limit the number of hours a driver is on road to 12 hrs. After 12hrs the driver will be automatically deactivated from uber and cannot login immediately. Any driver trying to login again will be removed out of the platform. This decision comes in the wake of recent accident of a cabbie killing an 88 year old woman due to driver being on road continuously for 16 hrs. The law restricts cabbies to drive only 12hrs a day. None of the drivers have been fined in New York City for breaking the 12 hour drive law.
In New York Uber operates as the black-car company. Black car drivers are not regulated as much as the yellow cab drivers
New York Times published an article about Uber drivers working in a stretch up to 16hrs a day. The drivers feel the need to drive long hours die to reduction in the fare announced by Uber to increase business during winter. Though a strike was by the drivers to oppose this move, the surge pricing has pacified them.
Uber has also written a letter to the Taxi and limousine commission on limiting the consecutive hours drivers are engaged on uber platform. Uber also stated that 99% of New York drivers are engaged on the platform for less than 12 hrs a day and on an average 30hrs a week. Earlier Uber tracked the driver on a weekly basis and now the company will be tracking on daily basis.

Uber’s car pool service is now available in three East Bay cities of Alameda, Oakland and Berkley. This service is aimed at attracting the riders who commute to work in San Francisco. By using the carpool service the rider gets to pay lower fare rates than normal Uber. The Car pool services makeup for half the uber rides in San Francisco.
The company stated that car pool service has reduced 120 tons of carbon dioxide gas emission in San Francisco. Uber has also announced fixed rates between San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
But Uberpool does not excite the drivers, as the customers are not happy when the ride gets prolonged while going out of route to pick another customer. The drivers feel this dissatisfaction among the customers could lead to negative rating for them. Pool rides are not profitable to them when there is only customer throughout the ride. The customer benefits by paying the reduced fair for UberPool even when nobody else is available to pool.
UberPool is now available in 15 major cities of Europe, U.S and Asia after its launch in San Francisco.
In Asia Uber launched its car pool in Indian capital New Delhi. The company is expected to have a huge demand here given that Delhi government has introduced its “odd-even” rule to decrease congestion. According to the rule cars are allowed to use the streets based on their registration number.
Though Uber faces several regulatory issues regarding car pooling services and safety associated with it.

Uber known for its aggressive expansion is now planning to enter North Africa and Middle East. The company recently launched in Pakistan making it the 69th country Uber will offer its service.
Uber is the fastest expanding company till to date. This global operation requires huge chunks of funding. Uber has raised 200 million the last funding session in December 2015. The company is spending a lot to establish itself as a global leader and is also losing a lot of revenue.
Uber has lost around 30 million in the year 2014 and around 200 million in the year 2015. The major reason for such huge loses is the regulatory issues the company is facing throughout the world. Uber has possibly faced legal battle in every country it has entered. Traditional taxi services are hit by uber competition who hit back at the company with legal wars backed by policy makers trying to protect them. The company faces criticism for flaunting regulations which are imposed on taxi services.
The second reason for the revenue loss is price war among the rivals. Uber faces competition from local “uber” model companies it is didi kauidi in china, Ola in India .All these companies are trying to capture the costumers’ bas by keeping the prices as low as possible.

Uber is a massive hit in more than 100 countries across the globe and the credits goes to the team’s efficient service. The CEO Travis Kalanick has always dreamt of extending its service to a wider global audience. Hence the San Francisco based company has now planned to launch UberPool in London and Paris to further expand its service. According to sources, there is no more space left for the service to grow stronger but Uber seems confident about it.

UberPool allows the users to share the taxi service because it is a lot cheaper option for people who cannot afford to take a ride in private cars. It follows the concept of a public bus and it could even possibly replace it in near future. Earlier, UberPop, the private car service was banned in Paris due to security concerns. The private car drivers were accused of not possessing legal licenses and the service was temporarily banned.

But Travis is not going to compromise and he wants to launch UberPool in the famous European spots. It has already got good responses and a red carpet welcome from people. UberPool offers 25 percent cheaper ride fares than UberX and it uses a smart feature called Smart Routes. The feature allows the users to specify pickup spots and share the taxi with the other riders. It is a massive hit across the cities and people now want more of Uber!

Uber is the new revolution that is slowly turning against many economies in the world. It is the most famous ride hailing network that currently operates in more than 500 cities across the globe. The critics say the sharing economy would destroy the labor world in future. But more than 60 percent of job seekers are interested to be a part of sharing economy only because it allows them to fix their shift timings and earnings. Another interesting fact is that most of the laborers employed in the sharing economy are senior citizens! Now, that’s one surprising invention! Most of the Airbnb hosts are over 40 year old senior citizens and the news has started to bother senior living communities. After all, they make money off senior citizens by taking care of their needs.

To top it all, Uber has now partnered with AARP to employ senior citizens who are interested to make money off spare time. Uber economy has offered job opportunities to several people around the world and 25 percent of Uber drivers are over 50 year old senior citizens. Hence, old gentlemen out there need not be worried anymore! People who are running senior communities should be bothered because Uber may soon make them run for money.  According to sources, companies like Uber, TaskRabbit and Airbnb would be considered as potential threats to most economies in near future. Guess it is time to say sayonara to all the dear senior living communities because grandpas and grandmas would be busy serving the sharing economy!

Uber announces its new updated features in its windows app providing the facility for users to open the app in Desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

This feature has another option for users to find and request a ride using their PC, in case if they are unable to use their phones. Uber uses the universal windows platform to set its app to windows 10. Users can now use their phone to contact the driver by a call or message, asking for ride.

By pinning the Uber app with start menu, a Live Tile will display the estimated amount of time taken by Uber to arrive. You can do it without even opening the app.

Users are requested to set a proper pick up location to conform the ride and they will get notified with the driver’s arrival after completion of the request.

The idea behind this upgrade is to facilitate users to request for a ride from all the devices. New users on windows in US can join the ride for free with credit up to 20 dollars. They can activate the offer by entering ‘MSFTWIN10’ in the promotions tab on the Uber app.

If users are too busy to request for a ride, then they can use Cortana voice command. For e.g. users can say” Hey Cortana, get me an UberX to central station” for a ride. Users need a registered phone number to request for a ride, but all the procedures can be completed within windows 10.

Uber launches a new pilot program to team up with an Enterprise to rent cars to possible drivers for some amount of money.

This program targets the drivers who don’t have cars and whose cars can be used with Uber standard. Driver’s cars should be in good condition with at least 15 years old.

Uber is already involved in a car leasing program where the it team up with Change Leasing in a number of markets across the country. The partnership with the Enterprise focus on flexible drivers who wants to drive for Uber only for a month. The rental will be extended further as long as the driver can stand with Uber for x Ridey app https://www.zoplay.com/web/uber-clone/.

Besides the charge of two hundred and ten dollars per week which doesn’t include any tax, drivers are to pay some amount in advance and startup fee. The charge of the rentals will be deducted from the driver’s earnings. Each renter will be having a debit and credit card to document with the Enterprise so that it withdraws its rental charges of the driver.

Through this Uber Enterprise program, there is a mileage advantage plan where drivers are allowed to go 90 miles per day. If the drivers take extra miles, charge will be included. It is clear from a report that Uber choose to start the program in Colorado because of the market size and relatively liberal environment.

The main aim of this program is to remove the barrier of someone who like to work but don’t have cars.

Uber, the American based ride sharing company is operating in more than 300 cities across the globe. It is the most used transportation service around the world. Several local taxi services are trying to beat the American company by experimenting with many features. They are even giving a tough fight to the mighty Uber and the company is also planning to extend its service. According to many critics, there is no enough space for the company to grow stronger.

Uber is the most valuable startup company in the world and it has even beat Facebook’s record. It has raised $51 billion this year which makes it a lot superior to other startups across the globe. However, the company is constantly experimenting with new features to expand its service further across the globe.  Earlier, it introduced Smart Routes to go with UberPool service that allows the users to specify the pickup spots. The company has always been maintaining its financial statements with a great deal of secrecy.

According to several sources, Uber has lost around $470 million in trying to reach its service to a wider global audience. There are many speculations about the US based company that it is soon going public in near future. Neither Travis nor his team has given proper remarks to the leaked information that has further added spice to the mix. Nevertheless, the company is a massive hit due to marketing strategies despite its operating loss and a long list of controversies.

Uber, the ride hailing service has plans for anything and everything. The company was found in 2009 and it has even achieved record breaking market revenue. It raised around $51 billion and became the most valuable company across the globe. Uber is known for its efficient service and a list of controversies as well.

All of us are huge fans of big fat parties and no party is complete without cocktails, after all, a little booze would not kill us overnight! According to a survey, many people are killed during brutal accidents after late night parties. Uber, the American based company is now all set to avoid such mishaps. UberEvents is planning to offer bulk rides to people who attend parties. Party organizers can now pre book an Uber cab and exchange the codes with the attendees. The cab would offer pick up and drop services to the party goers and they do not have to pay if the codes are provided.

The company has already reached it heights of fame and is still looking to grow stronger. It is also planning to extend its service in remote areas which do not have other local services. Uber’s take on late night parties and its concern about people’s safety could possibly elevate its success and fame. We do not have to worry about the so called “wobbly people” who are not very sure of reaching back their homes, thanks to UberEvents!

If the Edmonton city regulates new bylaws, then Uber drivers need not have to operate in the city. Edmonton is considered to be the first Canadian city to legalize Uber, if rules are approved. Since 2014 Uber has been operating illegally against the rules.

According to the proposal Uber can able continue its job in Edmonton only if the drivers of the company have purchased a license and proper insurance from the city. This regulation pushes Uber drivers to spend some amount of money who are operating for free now. The drivers need to pay some amount for every 2 years for the license. The cost is considered to be expensive for the drivers.

Some drivers sign up for short term basis and some for part time service. This regulation pushes the drivers to face some situation of unreliable service and higher cost.

The city brought this approach for the purpose of passengers and driver safety. The bylaw also involves Uber to share the complete information regarding the drivers and the rides they have taken.

Taxis are also subjected to the regulations

The new bylaw also providing advantage for the Uber riders by cutting down the additional charges for late night services and it also removes the cap over the number of accessible cars which are allowed to operate in the city.

Taxi drivers do not have to undergo driver training, English language testing and need not have to provide a driver’s abstract in order to get the license from the city.